Four reasons to put your practice in
the tower of The Chrysler Building.
You are an established dentist with your own office.
Perhaps you’re simply ready for a change. An upgrade in location,
expanding for more space, or perhaps you’re being forced to move.
You are a specialist or a GP outside of Manhattan.
You’re already working outside of Manhattan. Think about a second, part-time
office, to increase income and change of location.
You are a recent graduate or recently credentialed.
You may be working in a low price, budget dentistry office, part-time. Why not
maintain your job and/or teaching position, while you transition to true independance
in this turn-key part-time facility?
You’re slowing down. Justifiably.
You seek collegiality with fine professional peers. You seek ease of coverage to
enable you to enjoy free time plans. Yet you crave independance, and controlled
costs. It’s all just a phone call away.